Equipoise – Demiurgus

Like Unique Leader before them, The Artisan Era is fast becoming the go-to label for all things prog and tech death, cultivating a roster of “who’s who” among up-and-coming names in the genre such as Warforged and Inanimate Existence while simultaneously attracting longstanding names in the genre by pressing releases for acts like Augury and Spawn of Possession. Chances are, if there’s a new band wearing The Faceless and Necrophagist influences on their sleeves and they’re worth the time and attention, The Artisan Era is backing them, their logo becoming a seal of quality.

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Acranius – Reign of Terror

Death metal fanatics can get super pissy. This isn’t news. It’s an endless meme of a thread devolving into name-calling over the wrong genre prefix. It takes a sense of humor and humility to enjoy brutal death metal because of this. Whether it’s slam/brutal death/slamming brutal death doesn’t matter. If…