Holy Grove – II

So it goes with doom and doom-adjacent artists, the suffocating wear-you-down nature leads to a common endgame. The physicality of gargantuan riffs and laborious rhythms take a toll, eroding one’s sunshiny disposition to a hopeless and dread-bogged torpor. Despite (or because of) this, we love it. We live to feel…

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Witch Mountain – Witch Mountain

After listening to the new self-titled album from Oregonian doom institution Witch Mountain, it makes perfect sense to hear that (relatively) new vocalist Kayla Dixon’s biggest musical inspirations are Ella Fitzgerald, Whitney Houston, and musical theater. Returning fans of the group may have been apprehensive about any replacement for Ula Plotkin, whose voice was…

Demon Lung – The Hundredth Name

It’s near impossible to be a metalhead and not have at least some sort of appreciation for doom metal. After all, the very birth of this grandiose music we’ve all come to know and love can be traced back to February of 1970, when Black Sabbath released their self-titled debut and completely changed the game forever. It’s been argued that every riff written since then was copied from Black Sabbath mastermind Tony Iommi, and while this is probably not true, Black Sabbath’s influence on heavy metal cannot be overstated. Now, doom metal seems to be in a revival state of sorts, and included in this revival is the sudden population of the genre with female fronted bands. Witch Mountain, Christian Mistress, and Castle have all released impressive albums within the past couple of years, and it’s safe to add yet another band to this ever-growing list of female-fronted doom bands: Las Vegas, Nevada’s own Demon Lung.

Scion Roundup

Is it just me, or does Scion’s Audio/Visual department deserve weekly bonuses and a large raise? Scion have been churning out so much quality content lately, it’s actually becoming quite the hassle to keep up with! Come on guys, slow it down a bit. But just kidding, don’t do that…