Coheed and Cambria – The Unheavenly Creatures

When Coheed and Cambria dropped their eighth album The Color Before The Sun in 2015, they made some pretty shocking waves among their incredibly rabid fanbase by giving their conceptual Amory Wars universe a hiatus. Frontman and primary songwriter Claudio Sanchez instead brought to the table some deeply personal tracks about love, his family, and his take on being at the helm of such a longstanding rock establishment without the pretense of hiding his thoughts and feelings behind characters and plot beats. This experiment went well enough; the record had some of the band's most heartfelt material and provided more than a few Coheed classics, but the desire for more science fiction lore and progressive rock cheese was felt by basically everyone. 
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Coheed and Cambria – The Afterman: Descension

After hitting a peak in the breakout hit record Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV and appearing to have been running out of good ideas two albums later in Year of the Black Rainbow, their new double album origin story for their discography-wide conceptual universe The Amory Wars in The Afterman sees the band releasing their greatest material to date.