Hey! Listen to Votum!

Technically, I'm cheating. Votum has already been featured on the blog. However, the rule that states that these Hey! Listen to This posts should feature completely new bands has always been loosely defined. After all, we covered them previously in 2011! It stands to reason that many of you have never read that review. And, even if you did, it wasn't very favorable and with good reason. Their previous material is a bit weak compared with the quality of music they're pushing nowadays. Earlier this year, in February to be exact, they released :Ktonik: and it's a major step upwards for them. Thus, the time is ripe to refresh your memory about these guys and the solid, moving and progressive metal which they make.
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Votum – Metafiction

Votum Metafiction 01. Falling Dream 02. Glassy Essence 03. Home 04. Faces 05. Stranger Than Fiction 06. Indifferent 07. December 20th For those who have never heard of them, Votum are a Polish prog... Read More...