Hey! Listen to Wode!

Seriously, what is it about the UK and black metal recently? It’s like there’s something in the water there that’s making metal musicians kick some real ass. Last year we were given Barshasketh’s Ophidian Henosis, an album that has almost singlehandedly gotten me back into black metal, and if that’s not enough, this year we have Wode, a Manchester-based band that, like Barshasketh, brings their own incredibly interpretation of the black metal genre with just their self-titled debut.
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Every Time I Die UK Mini-Tour

Another one for my UK bred'ren. Every Time I Die make people go nuts, so I know people are going to be clamouring for tickets to this limited run of shows. Get them while they're hot! Or something. Also on... Read More...
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Dead People In Your House

I've mentioned before that there are decent number of awesome bands - certainly more than our fair share - where I come from. So far I've mentioned AZWAI and Mother Dirt, who in my opinion are the best of ... Read More...
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Stella Dawes Dot Com

I posted about these dudes a while back. Continuing the DIY ethic of their debut album Contrasts, they've built their own official site, on their own. In fact, I believe it was only one of them, and he knows ... Read More...
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AZWAI: AsZerosWeAreInfinite

It's a good feeling when something you've been working on for a long time comes to fruition. After months of hard slog for very little gain, you might finally feel as if it has all been worth it, and you can ... Read More...