Weekend Nachos – Apology

Going to a hardcore show nowadays is an interesting, if not slightly disturbing, thing. Upon walking in, almost immediately, you are greeted by the sight of legions of hardcore kids; close shaved hair cuts, Nike Air Maxes (or similar shoes), camo shorts, and a shirt from one of the same three 80’s/90’s hardcore bands (Trapped Under Ice, Madball, or Youth of Today). And, more importantly than how they look – standing there in their get ups, arms folded across their chest or firmly bringing a cigarette to their lips – is the attitude they exert; one of hostility and, somewhat oddly given hardcore’s basic principles, of conformity. These people are unflinching, devoted to whatever character they are playing and seemingly unable to take a joke at the expense of hardcore or deviate much from their standard genre listening beyond hardcore.

The Life & Death Tour 2015 Announced + Dates

  The second Life and Death Tour has been announced for this August, and will be featuring Baltimore’s Turnstile (who will be on the whole tour, unlike last year when they played only a few shows), Long Island’s own Backtrack (though, aren’t headlining like they did last year), New Jersey’s Heavy Chains, with the…