VIDEO PREMIERE: Year of the Cobra – “Temple of Apollo”

Since Year of the Cobra’s 2015 inception, Amy and Jon Barrysmith have proven that you don’t need a huge band to create a huge sound. Producing massive, infectious heavy riffage and a sound mightier than a duo should rightfully lay claim to this pairing pummel audiences the world over. You’d be forgiven for drawing the easy straight-line comparison to Jucifer considering the similar pieces parts but you’d be doing yourself a woeful injustice to both bands.

Pallbearer – Heartless

Third albums; can't live with them, can't live without them (if you want to keep being, that is). The even more dangerous beast is the third album following on the heels of a wildly loved second, especially if that love comes from music journalists. While Foundations of Burden's merits vis a vis Sorrow and Extinction are up for debate, Pallbearer certainly owe their current place in the spotlight to the former. Perhaps indicative of latecomer syndrome, Foundations received a hefty amount of praise in the journalism community. While the love certainly isn't out of place, we ourselves loved it, it leaves the band in a precarious position for their next release.