Raketkanon – RKTKN#3

Lyrics are peculiar things. For some listeners, they are the most important aspect of music, for others they’re just another layer in the mix. Removing the human voice entirely justifies a shift for a composition into a seperate, adjacent sub-genre. Sometimes the intent and emotion conveyed are more important than…

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Anatomy Of – Soldat Hans

Looking at the influences that made Soldat Hans happen sheds a bit more light on where the band members come from when approaching these issues; many of the acts listed below tap into this same desire to feel, face and excise such emotions in a healthy and productive way. Especially noteworthy is the wide range of artists presented below. Most of them have some melancholic or even depressive edge but they take different approaches in expressing these edges. Thus, we get a glance into how a diverse sound such as Soldat Hans was forged and the many places in other music from which it came. Enjoy and don’t forget to spin Es Taut when you feel up to it; it’s a ride you should experience at least once.

The Anatomy Of: Bionatops

Welcome to Heavy Blog is Heavy’s feature, “The Anatomy Of.” Taken from the Between The Buried And Me album of the same name, in which the band pays tribute to artists/bands that they feel have most inspired their songwriting, “The Anatomy Of” allows us to hand off the metaphorical microphone to bands…

Tomahawk Return With ‘Stone Letter

Mike Patton’s Midas touch is not be underestimated and the latest track from Tomahawk, the super-group featuring notable alumni of The Jesus Lizard, Helmet and Mr. Bungle, provides even more fuel to that fire. While every member of the group is obviously ridiculously talented, it’s the vibrant range of Patton that really drives this…