State Faults – Clairvoyant

As with any artistic venture, albums can be a lot like a favorite painting, book, or film which, when returned to with fresh senses, lends us an all new understanding of the work than that which we initially took away. Some would argue that this is what the very best…

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Hey! Listen to Shepherd and Death By Fungi!

India is a place I wouldn’t really associate with extreme music. The limited exposure I’ve had with the culture comes primarily from Indian restaurants, vacation stories from friends, or movies. That being said, it feels like a really traditional kind of place. The limited amount of Indian music I’ve heard is immediately identifiable as such, and even the pop music feels like it follows in that convention, there’s a distinct “sound.” So when I caught wind of a split by hardcore bands from Bangalore and Mumbai, I was obviously surprised. But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Why wouldn’t there be an underground scene in India? Beyond that, considering how “conventional” and “traditional” it seems to me as some ignorant dude from the states, it makes absolutely perfect sense that there would be some positively savage bands out there stickin’ it to the man.

Connecting the Dots: At the Drive-In

There are bands whose members keep to themselves, and when their career is up, they recede into the background, never really to be heard from again, except for maybe a side project that is inevitably less well-received than their main band. However, there exists another breed of musicians that seem to make an entire scene out of their own presence alone, and manage to both write solid music and remain incredibly prolific.

Meet Strangelight, Feat. Members Of Thursday, Made Out Of Babies, Goes Cube, Red Sparowes And More

Strangelight seems like one of those perfect little occurrences that happen every once in a while — call it stars aligning or whatever you want, but when a group of musicians featuring members of Thursday, Goes Cube, Made Of Out Babies and Red Sparowes amongst others can get together and record a tribute to some of…

…Followed By Thursday

Well that’s a bit of a crappy double whammy isn’t it? Thursday, a long-serving post-hardcore outfit from New Jersey, who formed around the same time as Thrice, have also announced their decision to stop functioning as a band as little as one day after Thrice, which we only just caught…