Grind My Gears – Blasting In Perpetuity

So, we’re still locked up. We’re still thinking about learning new hobbies then giving them up after a day. Netflix has run out of original content and is secretly mining Amazon for their shows. But there is still grind. Thank. Fuck. You’d think I’d have hundreds of new suggestions for…

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Disco Loadout: 2018 In Review

Four years ago, I started to keep a complete list of every band I saw. Three years ago, I began kicking myself for not starting that childishly simple task sooner. Never mind. At least I can tell you exactly what I got up to this year – with one important caveat. A…

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Grind My Tears: Lyed Track Premiere (And More)

Making only its second appearance now, Grind My Tears is the screamo/”skramz” centric counterpart to our reoccurring Grind My Gears column. This is necessary as screamo is, admittedly, the far superior counterpart to basically any other genre with blast beats. It may not be peoples favorite thing to hear but its the hard truth, and therefore must be shared.

Dead Cross – Dead Cross

Over a decade since the last Fantômas record’s release, drum kit demolisher Dave Lombardo and anomaly of human nature Mike Patton reunite for Dead Cross, a project that brings in Retox’s Mike Crain on guitar and Justin Pearson on bass. Dead Cross originally did not feature Patton on vocals, originally…

Hey! Listen to Head Wound City!

In the most recent Heavy Blog playlist swap, Simon and I traded off on some pretty awesome bands, with one group in particular shining above the rest for me: Head Wound City, a noise supergroup containing members associated with bands like The Locust, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Retox, The Blood Brothers,…

PHOTOS: Fun Fun Fun Fest, Day Three: 4ARM, Narrows, Sarah Silverman, Defeater, August Burns Red, Gojira, The Locust, & Slayer — November 10th in Austin, TX

Every year, Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, Texas brings together some of the best acts in rock, hip-hop, comedy, and action sports. With a lineup as diverse as theirs, it’d be pretty impractical for a niche blog to cover everything, but the hardcore and metal presence across the fest’s…