The Anatomy Of – Netherlands

Honestly, I knew I was in for a wild ride when I asked Netherlands to write this post for us. If you're still unaware of these guys, let me introduce you: they're from Brooklyn. They make a kind of poppy sludge that takes Torche and feeds it through a grinder, belching it out some sort of neon pink, noxious and incredibly groovy weirdness from the other side. They're also don't take themselves too seriously, infusing plenty of their music and its surrounding aesthetics with lots of self-deprecating and society-deprecating humor. Oh, and they're also incredibly hard-working, having released an album and an EP in the last two years and now gearing up for Black Gaia, which comes out on the 24th of August and a tour with none other than legends Mastodon and Dinosaur Jr. You can head on over to their site for dates and a pre-order thing.

Deep Dive: Cover Songs

As long as music is made, there will be cover versions of songs. It's an inevitable part of life. Groups/solo artists will want to add some notoriety to their name by covering an already established artists hit song or they will want to pay tribute to an artist/song that they enjoy. Bands will definitely want to get a few easy hits on their cover of Justin Bieber's 'Sorry', while some will want to pay homage to the groups(s) that inspired them to make music for the world. However, before they hit that record button, they should ask themselves this question: Am I making a cover worth listening to?