Cool People Column – 2/3/20

It’s been said that there’s more to life than music and, while we remain sceptical, we’ve decided to test the premise with our new bi-weekly Cool People Column! Noyan and Eden already bring you great pop culture recommendations and discussions each week on the Heavy Blog podcast, but why should…

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Hey! Listen to Galactic Empire!

As another Star Wars movie release is upon us, I would like to offer up Galactic Empire to your music rotation today. As you’re standing in line waiting for Solo tickets and you need a boost, the John Williams shredders should lift your spirits and reduce your anxiety. The YouTube cover band sensations are more than just a couple of dudes who plucked away until they had “Imperial March” nailed. These guys are legitimate talents in their own right, and everyone should take a listen just to hear it.

Christopher Lee is More Metal Than Thou

The legendary actor who stared in films such as “Lord of the Rings”, “Star Wars”, “Dracula”, and “1941” is taking part in a symphonic metal album about Charlemagne. The orchestral backing will be done by Marco Sabiu, who has worked with Pavarotti, Ennio Morricone, and Kylie Minogue. Old people in…