33 – Edgy Pod Is Shitpost Cast

We're back to our normal setup! And just like many artists who make a comeback past their time, we're hella edgy this week. Since we skipped a week, this week is all news and discussion surrounding recent events! Like what, you ask? Well, Meshuggah's 25 year package, Sepultura working on their new album, Manowar's calling it quits, some random Christian band going full /r/atheism, Bandcamp's dig at Apple Music, Justin of Sikth being replaced by Joe of Aliases, Lee leaving After the Burial, Dragonforce releasing a "best of" album, Pain of Salvation remastering Remedy Lane. New music or teases thereof by: Periphery, Revocation, Whispered, Metallica, Last Chance To Reason, Whispered, Thank You Scientist, Starofash, Stam1na and Machine Head. The passing of Nick Menza of Megadeth. The end of Temples Festival. Finally, discussing this trendy "best of 2016 so far" list, some Apple Music playlist that tries way too hard, and Gojira's upcoming album Magma. Make sure you don't cut yourself with the edge on this episode!

19 – feat. Jimmy Pitts and Tom “Fountainhead” Geldschlager

We have two very special guests today! Jimmy Pitts and Tom "Fountainhead" Geldschlager, who are involved in so many projects that it's kind of ridiculous. Between them, they've worked with Christian Muenzner, Hannes Grossmann, Obscura, Spastic Ink, Scholomance, Nader Sadek, Cerebric Turmoil and many more. Jimmy's currently playing keyboards for Muenzner's power metal band Eternity's End, and him and Tom are currently crowd funding the Pitts Minneman Project's new album, The Psychic Planetarium on Indiegogo. Top notch prog metal/jazz fusion. We invited them over to have a chat about their projects, but of course it all devolves into talking about a whole slew of topics, and we had a great time!
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Stam1na – Nocebo

Stam1na Nocebo 01. Pirunpaska 02. Valtiaan uudet vaateet 03. Tavaista palamaan! 04. Puolikas ihminen 05. Aivohalvaus 06. Rabies 07. Lepositeet 08. Nomad 09. Ei Encorea Even though Stam1na are top... Read More...
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New Stam1na song!

In case you missed my feature on super underrated Finnish band Stam1na, go check it out right now. Done? Good. Here's their new song `Valtiaan uudet vaateet`. They've made a video for it, and in typical Stam1... Read More...
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Obscure Gems: Stam1na – Raja

Stam1na are probably Finland's most underrated band. Their sound is hard to describe, but if I had to take a guess, I'd call them "Prog Thrash", which doesn't really make sense but I'll go with it. Their so... Read More...