Halshug – Drøm

Copenhagen's hardcore and metal scenes are one of the hottest around Europe right now - maybe even the world's. Leaving Mercyful Fate, Volbeat, and Aqua to the normies, the city is home to a slew of acts from t... Read More...
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Dead In The Dirt – The Blind Hole

Grindcore has its gems, but for the most part, it all comes off as sounding so similar that many non-fans can’t really get into a band because there just isn’t enough there. Yes, the songs are short, but things that separate a band like Rotten Sound or Pig Destroyer from any of the hundred grindcore bands in the world is that they bring something more, whether it be with beautiful lyricism or killer riffs, or even both. Dead In The Dirt are here to prove that they can hold their own among even the biggest of names in grindcore, and with their record The Blind Hole, they make a very strong case.
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Dead In The Dirt – Fear

Dead In The Dirt Fear 01. The Screaming Wind 02. Bastards of the Bleak 03. Disease 04. Two Flames 05. Burden of Life 06. Can They Suffer 07. Biting at the Binds 08. Sever the Tie 09. Skin Graft 10. ... Read More...