Hey! Listen to Sloth & Turtle!

Positive things need to try harder, at least in my book. Being upbeat, optimistic, clean, sweet and other such adjectives is something that it's own reward. Thus, to prove to me that you're not just indulging yourself and that there's something more to your lighthearted creation, extra miles need to be walked in the realms of creativity and expertise. Sloth&Turtle are a fine example of how to do that; they don't let their bright brand of of mathrock suffice itself with just happy riffs and short jaunts into the realm of guitar centered music. Instead, they've crafted a fully realized and wholly interested self-titled EP, playing very cleverly into the strength of their style. Head on below for a taste!

An Ode to Spring – Metal, Thematics and Politics

Since the vast majority of Heavy Blog contributors fall on the left side of the map (shocking, we know), focusing on the latter seems like the way to go. Criticizing the other side of the political map is easy enough; taking a hard look at your own camp is where things get tricky. Thus, let us turn our eyes on one of the most typical leftist refusals to engage: the retreat. There are few places in the cultural world where this retreat is more obvious than in music and, more specifically, in metal. Even more specifically, the current throes which are black metal is undergoing are even more lucrative for our needs. There, leftist retreat is alive and happening right now, both because of the virility of the claims on the other side (read: the amount of black metal that's truly awful) and because the themes of black metal have already been declared by the larger, more abstract "left" as anathema in the past.