Post Rock Post // June 2020

We have failed as a country. Fundamentally and totally. Somehow this fact was easy enough to ignore when the tragedy was confined mostly to a select few hotspots in major coastal metropolitan areas. Images of bodies being loaded into freezer trucks because the morgues were over capacity in NYC back…

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Post Rock Post // April 2020

Yeah, so this is still happening, huh? This past month was the time where I moved on from just having the reality of the pandemic sink in to fully accepting that this is going to continue to be our reality for many months, if not years, to come. And…it’s not…

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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Sink Into Bear the Mammoth’s “Years Under Glass”

Another day, another excellent release from Art as Catharsis. We’ve already spoken about Bear the Mammoth’s Years Under Glass when we premiered “Known Unknowns”, one of the brighter tracks from the album. But now it’s time for the full thing, streaming exclusively here ahead of its release on October 5th. In…

Toundra – Vortex

Toundra have an interesting career. This Spanish post rock/metal band have been operating in the same semantic fields as bands like If These Trees Could Talk, Sleeping Bear or Afformance  making their way through the uncertain and, sometimes, downright disastrous, genre of heavy post rock. They were making music way before the current resurgence of the genre and, in Heavy Blog circles at least, were often cited as a light in the darkness, something original and fresh in a genre which seems to have lived out its welcome. Their second album, aptly titled II is a masterpiece, one of the best groovy/heavy post rock releases around. But now, when plenty of other bands are making fantastic music in the same vein, are Toundra still relevant? Following up on some releases that weren’t as powerful as the all-mighty II, are Toundra still up there with the best of them when it comes to making expansive, instrumental music?