Abbath – Outstrider

Writing about a new Abbath album without mentioning Immortal would be tantamount to writing about Bruce Dickinson’s solo albums (The Chemical Wedding still holds up!) without mentioning Iron Maiden. It’s simply not done. It’s uncouth. Almost a quarter century after co-founding Immortal, Abbath struck out on his own in 2015 to assemble a…

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Listen As Season of Mist and Roman Sayenko Dig Deep Into the Folk Roots of Black Metal

Season of Mist teamed up in 2014 with Drudkh frontman Roman Sayenko to remedy the implicitness of folk tradition within black metal. Together, they gave us an underrated gem of an album called One and All, Together, for Home. It is nothing else but a collaboration album spanning various traditions, sounds and histories to shine a light on some of the folk music that acts as fuel for black metal. The roster includes the aforementioned Primordial, but also Haive, Winterfylleth, Kampfar and more. Together, they’ve compiled an album made up of a rich tapestry of styles, from true-to-source renditions of ancient songs to more metal oriented interpretations of said melodies. The guidelines for the contributing acts seem to have fast and loose and thus, the album features varied and disparate approaches, lending it a strong sense of personal, creative identity.

Murmur – Murmur

Murmur are a self-described experimental black metal band from Chicago. The prefix of experimental should be emphasized as Murmur are definitely not your stereotypical black metal band, with the range of influences found on their self-titled album including jazz and noise-rock. Due to the fact that each band member thoroughly understands their instrument, Murmur has no problem experimenting with different soundscapes under the execution of a black metal aesthetic.

Deathspell Omega To Release New EP Drought In June

Hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen. Everyone’s favorite avant garde black metal enigmas Deathspell Omega will be releasing new music this year in the form of a new EP titled Drought. Here’s some information: “Drought” has the sour taste of the inexorable; it is a musical journey through…

Cynic Perform Acoustically, Boxes Up Bones

EDIT: Looks like MetalInjection pulled the video :(The marriage of Cynic and acoustic instruments is an idea I had never thought about much, despite hearing it on their Re-traced EP. Now that it’s out there, it seems like a pretty awesome idea that really needs to happen more often. Apparently…