Editors’ Picks – July 2017

Summer! Putting my personal biases aside, there's plenty of things to love about it. However, it also has its disadvantages (many of them, if you ask me) and it's a complicated time for the music industry. Releasing material early in the year has the virtue of being fresh and standing alone. Releasing music later in the year has the virtue of being fresh in the reviewer's ear when it's time for end of year lists and fresh in the consumer's ear when the holiday season comes along. But summer? Summer is caught in the middle, creating a desert of sorts; music releases slow down, people take vacations, podcasts go AWOL (I need my Night Vale fix, damn it) and there's a sort of lethargy which takes hold of the community at large. But, of course, we at Heavy Blog must soldier on, toiling under the blistering heat to pick some great albums to recommend to you fine people! What an arduous task. In all seriousness, it can be daunting, as the constant barrage of releases we are usually faced with slows down to  a more manageable battering. This, however, is when smaller bands can get their moment to shine and new music can often be discovered. Take a look at the list below for proof; except for a few entries, most of the music on this is by bands we haven't really covered before. Thus, summer offers its own opportunities and, even if it doesn't, we still have the internet. Can any period really be a quiet one when we have the internet? So, take a deep breath and peruse this list while we button down our hatches in preparation for September (seriously, do a little Googling of release dates to get prepared for September. Everything is being released). It has some excellent stuff from established bands but more importantly, some truly brilliant additions from bands that you might not be familiar with. Happy August. Stay cool.

Hey! Listen to Sarin!

For people who have lamented the fall of post metal countless of times, we seem to be writing about plenty of good stuff from that front. It's probably just bias, as the mountains of repetitive post metal that we hear gets expunged from our perception in favor of the things we like. Whatever the case, it's a pleasure when the genre clicks and boy does it click for Sarin. The somewhat veteran group, laying stake to 2012 as their year of genesis, just released D A R K E R  L A K E S this week (hereby known as Lakes) and it is a celebration of everything post metal is still capable of in 2017. Its dark compositions work beautifully with the deep guitar and synth tones, reminding use of acts like Minsk, The Mire (RIP), Mouth of the Architect and many more.