Post Rock Post – Kylver’s “The Island”

It's no secret that I love stoner metal, especially in its more progressive varieties. Something about the mixture of synths and the distortion or perhaps the imagery often surrounding these albums just draws me to them like a moth to the flame (not the Metallica song in this case). That's why, when I was faced with Kylver's cover art and description for The Island, I was instantly drawn in. Those pink monoliths, the track lengths, the promise of instrumental and progressive stoner rock; everything was promising. Happily, that promise was more than capitalized upon by the album itself, as it provided me with expanse sonic soundscapes filled with interesting ideas and musical phrases. Head on down below for your first listen and then we'll chat.

Let A Thousand Arms Show You The Meaning Of “Erosion”

Has there ever been a more aptly named compilation that A Thousand Arms's Erosion? Probably named, as this compilation is filled with tons of geographically diverse stoner, doom, and everything in between. You have your feedback based meditations on the farthest reaches of space/the psyche, the heavier thundering of crashing waves on cliffs and the decidedly dipped in the good leaf. Most of all though, A Thousand Arms continues its efforts to bring to the light of day more obscure and less optimally located bands, shinning a light on some names you're bound to find surprising and, hopefully, pleasing. As the compilation, which is divided into two sides, features tons of music, we've taken the liberty of being your guides. Let's get started!