35 – Selling Out

We did it! We finally sold out. How? Find out here. In the meantime, we have some news and discussions. Whitechapel's new album is streaming, Opeth and In Flames sign to Nuclear Blast (with the latter announcing a new album), we listened to and opined on the upcoming Pain of Salvation rerelease and Black Crown Initiate album, new music from Volumes and Brain Drill, Pyrexia's vocalist killing people, Joey Jordison's explanation of why he left Slipknot, new album announcement by Sahg, tour news including Pyrrhon, Plebeian Grandstand, Skrillex and Guns and Roses. Then we do a balls deep on Gojira, and also talk about the reception to Eden's review of Magma and a general discussion about the state of the podcast. Enjoy!

Earthship – Hollowed

Last time we checked in with Earthship, the Berlin based quarter was furiously producing some of the heaviest stoner music around. However, we had cited a distinct lopsided feeling to their Withered, the momentum on the album having taken too long to build. Now, the masters of aggression have returned and seek to perfect their craft. Hollowed is their 2016 release, with a name which clearly echoes their last release. This is a clever move by the band; naturally, we will approach the album with an expectation from them to exceed what came before, wholly attentive and engaged with the album. This clearly formulates our main question for this review: have Earthship managed to transcend what held them back previously and create an album that's not only good (as the last one was) but something more, something with a hint of excellence?
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Sahg – Delusions of Grandeur

At the end of the day, Delusions of Grandeur speaks to the sense of wonder in you. It sets an epic canvas and it delivers epic music to accompany it. Everything feels tight, familiar and moving. This could have easily ended up being another stoner/prog release. However, the sheer power and evocative grace that the sound conveys lifts it up above its peers. Yes, you won't find the next step of stoner music here. But you will find a thrilling and enticing ride, filled with enough emotions to set your heart on fire.