Them Moose Rush – Dancing Maze

As a reviewer, some of the most entertaining bands to cover have an eclectic list of apparent influences. It’s fun to flex my rolodex of bands and genres to describe an artist’s sound. More importantly, they tend to produce some of the most unique, creative music in their respective genre(s).…

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Voices of the Void: The Halford Fach

Last week on Voices of The Void, we discussed the idea of fachs in the metal world. If you haven’t read up on the Dio fach, do yourself a favor and get caught up. After Dio established his voice as uniquely metal, new personalities quickly hit the scene with new vocal ideas. The next big metal voice was Rob Halford, frontman of legendary metal gods, Judas Priest. For this segment about him, you can follow along with our nifty Spotify playlist at the end.