Hey! Listen to Stoned God!

This year is already shaping up to be a monumental year for heavy music. It seems like there’s been more great releases in these first couple of months than the entire first half of 2019 combined. Moreover, even with all the outstanding big-name resales, it’s largely been the smaller, up…

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Humanity’s Last Breath – Abyssal

Summertime. The living may be easy, the fish jumping and the cotton high, but Humanity’s Last Breath couldn’t give a shit about that. As Europe is broiled by a particularly ferocious heatwave, the Swedes prepare to deliver a relentless blast of bleak and uncompromising gloom on harsh Scandinavian winds.  Abyssal,…

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The Sleeper – Apparatus

After a quiet 5 years, German progressive metal outfit The Sleeper have finally provided a follow-up to their debut 2013 album, Aurora. The band’s newest effort is a 6 track EP titled Apparatus, and it marks a significant change in the project’s sound. Aurora felt like a release that was…

Entheos – Dark Future

Progressive death metal outfit Entheos have had a productive three years, to say the least. 2015 saw their formation, shortly followed by the release of their debut EP Primal. 2016 saw the departure of founding guitarist Frank Costa and the introduction of their new guitarist, Malcolm Pugh. Frank had already recorded all of the rhythm guitars for the bands first full length album, so Malcolm came in and knocked out the lead guitars so that The Infinite Nothing could be unleashed upon the world. Only two months after the album’s release, the band announced the departure of Malcolm Pugh and in the same breath announced that former Scale the Summit guitarist Travis LeVrier would be taking his place in the band permanently. Now, in the latter half of 2017 we have received their second album, Dark Future, recorded in the early part of this year.

The Schoenberg Automaton – Apus

Yo, to be totally honest for a second? It doesn’t really matter for shit how good your riffs are if you can’t string them together properly. There’s a real art in graceful transitions connecting various melodic barrages, and even if it sometimes seems easy to throw in a quick pause…