Deftones – Ohms

Sacramento alt-metal act Deftones have tried their best to distance themselves from the nu-metal scene that saw their ascent, and have largely succeeded as evidenced by their unparalleled longevity, influence,... Read More...

Heavy Rewind: Deftones – Saturday Night Wrist

This Halloween marks the tenth anniversary of the Deftones’s fifth album, Saturday Night Wrist, if you can believe it. The past decade has been a mixed bag for the band; bassist Chi Cheng passed away from medical complications a few years after a debilitating car accident that left him in a coma; the band’s 2010 release Diamond Eyes proved to be a major success for the band, possibly garnering more acclaim than their 2001 smash hit White Pony; and singer Chino Moreno contributed to a number of side projects, including Team Sleep, Palms, and Crosses. I think during all that tumult we lost sight of what an incredible album Saturday Night Wrist is.
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Skyharbor – Guiding Lights

For their first full studio release, Skyharbor's two-disc Blinding White Noise created a sonic shockwave that reverberated around the world receiving plaudits at every turn. They made enough of an impact to... Read More...