I've spoken a lot about the different flavors of post rock. The genre has much of hope, wonder, and color but it's hard to deny that its base, post rock is melancholic. Even the more "positive" emotions (if such a neuro-typical spectrum is even worth repeating) displayed within the genre are tinged with longing and a forlorn sense of distance. Thus, every so often, it's refreshing to hear a post rock band simply tap into that difficult and burdensome place of sadness and bring forth a type of post rock awash in the early influences of the genre. Which is exactly what onj. are all about. Head down below to hear "Alone". Bring tissues.
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Hey, Listen to onj.!

It seems there's been a slew of great post-rock coming out lately, and the trend isn't showing signs of letting up any time soon. Quality work is fresh and abundant, whether it's crafted by scene vets like Mo... Read More...