Hey! Listen to Dunsmuir!

Neil Fallon (Clutch) needs little introduction. Not only is he an amazing vocalist but his lyricism is unparalleled in its mythology and world building power. He seems blessed with a true midas touch as far as side-projects go, with every track he features one (like the guest spot on HARK's previous album) turning to gold. What happens when you put him together with three other experienced musicians in a heavy metal band inspired by Iron Maiden and H.P Lovecraft? Dunsmuir happens and excellence happens. Dave Bone (The Company Band), Brad Davis (Fu Munchu) and Vinny Appice (Dio, Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell) joined forces with Fallon to make this beast comes alive and alive it is.
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HARK – Crystalline

What is it about stoner sound that holds so much power? Is it the unbridled joy in simply letting the guitars go, keeping your sound dirty and free? Or perhaps the rolling drums simply reverberate in that certain way to set our hearts a-thumping. Whatever it is that makes this genre so powerful, HARK have heaps of it.