Heavy Rewind – Opus Nocturne

In my previous two Heavy Rewinds, I covered bands in completely different realms of the Scandinavian extreme metal renaissance of the 1990’s. Lord Belial showed us what the black metal scene might have evolved into had it not fractured so quickly, and Merciless proved that progress doesn’t have to entail more extreme, aggressive music. But don’t tell that to the third installment of this unholy trinity of Heavy Rewinds. Marduk is in the business of blast beats and BPM, and was responsible for some of the most aggressive music around in 1994.

Heavy Rewind – Merciless’s Unbound

It’s 1994, and the Scandinavian metal scene is buzzing with activity. But while most of the contemporaries of Merciless had spent the past few years expanding the boundaries of extreme metal, Merciless had gone the opposite direction entirely. In 1990, Merciless released their debut The Awakening, which was as heavy…