Soulfly – Ritual

Max Cavalera and Soulfly and seemed to hit a bit of a rough patch following the back-to-back release of 2005's outstanding Dark Ages (2005). None of the records released between then and now were particularly poor. Even the least of them, 2013's Savages, was perfectly serviceable, and some (i.e. 2012's Enslaved and 2008's Conquer) even flirted with the band's upper echelons. Yet there was a certain feeling that the band had fallen into a bit of a rut. Now, with Killer Be Killed (2014) and his recent return-to-form with Cavalera Conspiracy's Psychosis (2017) under his belt, Max appears to be experiencing a late-career resurgence, and Ritual—his eleventh full-length release under the Soulfly banner—only continues that upward trajectory.
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Soulfly – Enslaved

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