Todd Jones of Nails: The Heavy Blog Is Heavy Interview

With extreme music, it seems as if there is an almost constant quest to further push the boundaries of just how much misanthropy and hate is included, with many bands often pushing it to somewhat cheesy levels. However, there are those rare few bands whose sound is so intense, so raw, so heinously abrasive that it is impossible to deny that deep down, on some level, they really are just about as misanthropic and nasty as they claim to be. Nails is one of those bands, and though the interview below shows front man Todd Jones at times joking, it is undeniable that his brutal honesty and straight forward honesty shows just how serious Nails is about their message of complete and total musical annihilation. I had the extreme pleasure of sitting down with Todd at Choosing Death Fest in Philadelphia and talking to him about all things extreme music, and what it truly means to be "one of us".

Hey! Listen To Manhunt!

With first Rape Revenge gone, then Punch, and now Weekend Nachos, it seemed almost as if the era of grindviolence was coming to an end, as if something beautiful and majestic was being lost. After all, three of the sub-subgenres finest were gone and, even with Magrudergrind returning to unleash a new wave of audible hellfire later this year, a hole was created, one that seemingly could not be filled. That is until, of course, through carefully scrolling through the powerviolence tag on bandcamp, I stumbled upon Brisbane, Australia's own Manhunt. Suddenly it seemed as if there could be hope in a world where there was none, as if "true" powerviolence fans once again had another band to complain about while secretly listening along on their iPods.