Truth Corroded – Bloodlands

Adeleaide’s Truth Corroded have long been one of the most respected names in Australian metal. Yet, although they’ve been putting out brilliant releases since the early years of the new millennium, they’ve never achieved the same level of exposure or international acclaim as many of their peers. All that has…

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Feared – Synder

Just like football players, there are countless musicians who blossom through setting roots and letting them grow and there are those who only thrive on constant change. The Stockholm-based death metal project Feared has evolved over the past eight years to become a creative outlet for two musicians who never…

Six Feet Under – Undead

To have received Undead mere hours after the end of 4/20 is one of fate’s more recent and coincidental slip-ups, however it’s probably for the best that I use a clear head to I descend into the most recent incarnation of the hazy and depraved world of Chris Barnes. For you see, Six Feet Under have been called a lot of things over the years — not all of them positive — and whilst it would be terribly easy to dismiss them in the face of the burgeoning number of fantastic new death metal acts out there, the new line-up (including past and present members of Daath, Chimaira and Brain Drill) is hard to ignore.