Bandcamp’s ACLU Day of Donation: A Heavy Blog Guide

Just this past week we saw how important the ACLU still is. One of the first to confront the so called “Muslim ban” enacted by the indifferent pen of Donald Trump, it began the long and arduous legal battle against this administration. With not only the presidency but also Congress and Senate painted in the most extreme and reckless red imaginable, their work will grow seven-fold; now they must take on the legislative branch instead. Thus, and despite of the already remarkable success their fundraising has seen in the past week, Bandcamp’s contribution to the ACLU is admirable. We’re here to do our share; below you’ll find a list of artists that are worthy of your support on this Friday.

Hey! Listen to Kauan!

A friend of mine recently recommended Kauan’s latest release, Sorni Nai, and since I first gave it a spin I haven’t been able to listen to anything since. Formed in 2005 and now into their sixth release, the Russian five-piece are impossible to label succinctly. Built around a progressive doom metal…