Nielsen’s 2016 Music Industry Report: A Bullshit-Free Guide

It’s the beginning of the year, which means that people like ourselves who write about music and the music industry received a nicely-formatted press release from Nielsen’s PR firm touting their shiny new year-end report on the music industry from the past year. For those of us who find the sorts of things these reports deal with – namely the increasing prominence of digital streaming and its effects on all sectors of the industry – this report is like a second Christmas. And though the press release lays out all of the top-line findings of the report in neat little bullet points, it’s still a lot of information to take in with a lot of spin (or at least things left unsaid) to make everything sound as rosy as possible. So, as a public service to those who care, we present to you a brief, unfiltered guide to Nielsen’s 2016 music industry report.

Issues – Issues

There’s nothing inherently wrong with using downtuned guitars to write catchy and heartfelt music with soaring vocal hooks, so long as you do it with some intelligence and creativity. Issues is one such band that openly embraces the pop metal tag, but ultimately fails at creating a fun or interesting listening experience on their self-titled debut.

Every Time I Die In Trouble Over Tweets

I am Keith Buckley and what is this? Not sure how we missed this as we follow them on that chirpiest of social networking thingowits, but Buffalo’s own Every Time I Die are reportedly in a spot of legal bother over some Twitter-related high jinks. O lawd. They recently faked…

The Week That Made Me Weep

Why do we do it to ourselves? Not again! We metal bloggers put ourselves through some shit for you guys in the name of entertainment. Our broseph Grover XIII over at The Number of the Blog subjects himself weekly to shitty music, just so you can speak with authority on…