Year of the Cobra – Ash and Dust

The premise of a two-piece rock band can present some concerns. Just for lack of sheer people power, duos always have some hurdles to overcome and preconceptions to defy. Will they sound “full” or do they come off as incomplete? How do they incorporate leads without a third player to…

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Year of the Cobra – “Temple of Apollo”

Since Year of the Cobra’s 2015 inception, Amy and Jon Barrysmith have proven that you don’t need a huge band to create a huge sound. Producing massive, infectious heavy riffage and a sound mightier than a duo should rightfully lay claim to this pairing pummel audiences the world over. You’d be forgiven for drawing the easy straight-line comparison to Jucifer considering the similar pieces parts but you’d be doing yourself a woeful injustice to both bands.