Hey! Listen to Mammoth!

I've extolled the many benevolent blessings of the blog inbox before; there's no tool quite like it for discovering new music. Sure, there's a lot of chaff that gets sent to us but for those with the keen eye (and the password), there are plenty of gems hiding among the masses of mediocrity. Case in point: Mammoth from Los Angeles. These guys wrote to us not more than few days ago and I'm already completely hooked on their upcoming release, Deviations (October 21st). It's an expert mix of progressive rock, jazz and groove that transcends the "fusion" moniker that has become cheap in the recent few years. Instead of relying on pointless experimentation and impotent technicality, Deviations is all class. It chooses its blows carefully, to make sure that the many tricks in its sleeve remain fresh and engaging.