Hey! Listen to For Giants!

OK, I really dropped the ball on this one; I've been listening to For Giants for almost two years now but it took an email from the band to get me to write about them. My bad! Worse than that, why would I do such a thing to such a great band when I've been lauding very familiar acts in the recent few months? For Giants traffic in the same kind of positive, sugar-coated progressive music as Bodhi or Jon Poulin; what you might call "actually good nu-prog". Luckily, timing is my savior yet again, as the band have released a new album, Big Sky, just last month, allowing me to talk about them in their proper context. Let's get to it!

Editors’ Picks: April 2017

Man, 2017, y'all. We realize that it's kind of our m.o. to be proponents of the whole "Golden Age of Metal" narrative and be incredibly positive about the consistently great level of stuff that is being put out from pretty much every part of the musical spectrum, but it's such an easy thing to do when we are so constantly bombarded with new material that utterly consumes our attention. Even in months where one of us might not have as many new albums that really impressed them, without doubt there will be another one who could barely keep up because of all the superb releases from genres they pay close attention to. This April has certainly been no different in that regard, and we have a whole slew of top-notch albums to recommend to you all.

Hey! Listen to Jon Poulin!

Alright, you look at the cover art and I tell you that this is a solo guitar project and what are the things that pop into your mind? I bet it's not "pop-punk meets nu-prog" is it? Well, this is exactly what Jon Poulin's With Vigor is. Apparently, Poulin is known in his own circles for his pop punk approach but also wanted to introduce more complexity and other facets into his music, resulting in this delightful little album. What can you expect on it? The album is neatly divided between two song types. The first, exhibited in the opening track, is an impossibly infections, smile inducing blend of music that can really only be described as "technical pop-punk". Remove thy pitchforks and head on down below to listen.