EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Skullsmasher Want You To Feel The “Negative Pressure Pulverization”

Oh boy, do we have a fiery fifty-five seconds of grindcore for you today. The City of Angels is the home of March’s noisiest musical offering, one being delivered by the brutes who go by Skullsmasher. Pairing with Polish extreme darling Selfmadegod Records, Skullsmasher are just about ready to let…

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Grind My Gears 2.0 – Test Launch

Since I started writing Grind My Gears, I’ve always focused on one project or band at a time. This has given me free reign to spew curse words and horrible imagery by the bucket load and I am inherently grateful to the editors and staff here for allowing me this. However, I feel like this column can step up its game. The other regular features on Heavy Blog are a cut above and such, from here on out, myself and whichever poor bastard I rope into helping me will try to match those standards. We’ll look at fresh grind compilations and releases, love letters to classic grind records and interviews and conversations with some of the cream of the modern crop. Maybe more, maybe less, I guess we’ll play it by ear (because it’s grind). Without further fanfare, please welcome your own damn self to Grind My Gears 2.0.

Antigama – Meteor

Lying somewhere between sheer visceral intensity and unbridled instrumental prowess sit Polish grinders Antigama. With over ten years of experience under their belt, including 6 full length albums and a whole collections of splits, they are a band that clearly know what they mean to achieve with their music and, more importantly, the most direct route of going about it.

Rule Of Three: Lavinia, Human Cull, & Palms

Three seems to work. As a group. Three is just the right collection of ideas such that you can compare and contrast easily and gain a meaningful insight — it just seems right. So here’s a collection of three awesome bands with something new to offer, grouped together for no…

Gridlink – Orphan

Gridlink Orphan 01. Dar Al-Harb 02. Orphan 03. Deliverables 04. Scopedog 05. Red Eye 06. Cargo 200 07. Thorn Farmer 08. Embers, Blood And Treasure 09. I Accept Your Last Wish 10. Hearts 11. Flatworlder 12. The Last Red Shoulder [Hydra Head Records] [02/22/11] I’ve been told many times how…