Death’s Door – October 2019

Greetings, hellions! I’m occupying the throne in Jonathan’s stead this month, so gather ’round, grab a chalice, and let’s chat. There’s plenty to cover. We have a few months left this year to consume as much death metal as possible, and our dark overlords down below have yet to turn…

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Editors’ Picks – October 2019

If it seems like I always mention how much good music has been released during the previous month that’s because that’s probably correct. The fact is that we’ve been enjoying an insane outpouring of music for years now and these posts, keyed as they are to some sort of “summary”…

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Release Day Roundup – 10/4/19

Editor’s Note: I’m glad to welcome longtime reader Remi VL as a regular guest contributor to our Release Day Roundup posts! He submitted several of the albums listed below. Join his Facebook group for more recommendations. -Scott Murphy Each month, we always seem to come to the same conclusion when it comes to…

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Death On Fire – Witch Hunter

Being a music critic, journalist and/or blogger can be quite a thankless task at times, particularly when it comes to reviewing albums. A while back we ran a piece on some of the most aggravating comments a writer can receive on their reviews, but that article didn’t touch upon related…

Doomsday – October 2017

Hello heaviest of Heavy Bloggers! Welcome back to Doomsday, our monthly roundup of All the Doom that’s Fit to Print.™ October is a special time of year, particularly in America: the weather is turning colder and gloomier, horror movies show up in earnest in theaters and cable networks across the country, and the general anticipation of Halloween fills the air. October 2017 was particularly special for doom heads as both Bell Witch and Primitive Man unleashed career-defining tours de force upon the world. But wait, there’s more! Lots more! Grab your earplugs, it’s Doomsday.

Heavy Blog Staff’s Top Ten Albums of 2016

With our general list for 2016 out of the way, we can now shift the focus from our aggregate opinion to individual ones. Both outlooks have their own merit; the former provides us with an overview of our year in music. However, the latter shines a light on something we’re extremely proud of and that’s the varied and eclectic nature of our staff these days. We used to have a very certain type of music associated with Heavy Blog and while we still have a long way to go, we feel like we’ve done a good job at expanding our palettes and the representation of different kinds of music and metal in our staff. The lists below reflect that; you’ll find black metal, avant-garde, technical thrash metal, hip hop, rap, noise, ambiance, post metal and rock, melodic death metal and much more throughout these lists.

In Mourning – Afterglow

In the interest of objectivity, one may understand the appeal of examining the output of a band without any regional prejudices or scene characteristics. Collectively lumping all Swedish death metal bands together is clearly unreasonable considering the ample variety they provide and therefore an assessment devoid of generalization seems like…

Atten Ash – The Hourglass

When people try to classify ‘doom metal’, it used to be easy. Things like early Anathema and Disembowelment pioneered the doom movement, which was slow, loud, and grim. However, as time went on, the genre seemed to gain more diverse influences. Katatonia added melody and cleans to the genre, and…