Zombi – 2020

As synthwave hit its stride over the past few years, it’s largely been a flood of the club-friendly, dancy variety. Acts like GosT, Carpenter Brut, Com Truise, Dan Terminus, and many, many others have carried the mantle, populating the scene with producers who fit a generally homogenous archetype. Somewhere along…

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When one thinks about synthwave they more often than not conjure up images of neon landscapes made up of transparent grids, sunsets, beaches, palm trees, fast cars and anything else that may fit into such an aesthetic. That said, one does not tend to think about upside down crosses, demons, serial killers and an overall sense of evil in turn. However, for every genre that has ever existed there lies a much darker side, a subgenre which turns things on their head and produces a much more heavier sound in response. For synthwave that would be darkwave or darksynth, either seem to be interchangeable for the most part, with well-known acts such as Carpenter Brut, GosT, Perturbator, and Dance with the Dead carrying the torch. Of course, for every well-known act, there are those who are scratching, clawing and going through hell to be noticed, many of whom were influenced by those already leading that proverbial charge.

Gregorio Franco is one of those dark souls of the synth and, if what he’s produced thus far is any indication, he is not only one to keep an ear to the ground on but one to keep an eye out for as well.

Stilla – Skuggflock

Recently the American cultural love affair with the retro seems to be at an all time high. Shows such as Netflix’s Stranger Things are not viewed as disturbing flashbacks to a time when Reagan was president and fear of nuclear war was imminent, but instead as fond recollections of the past. The clothes…