Hey! Listen to Geomancer!

Sometimes, you just need something nasty and slow in your life. As winter has finally made its appearance here in Israel, I've been looking for that certain crushing something. Lo and behold, Geomancer are here to give me a hand. These guys are from Northern England and, if you've been keeping track for the past year or so, this should give you a good idea into the type of dirty metal they make. Their Khatt Al-Raml ("sand cutting", a technique very much prominent in Middle Eastern mysticism and geomancy) is just shy of an hour and packed back to back with monstrously heavy riffs and a good sense for groove, melding funereal doom, stoner metal and just plain stank into one crushing whole. And it was released a week ago, which makes it perfect for a post. So here we are! Head on down below for your first taste of what Geomancer can do.