Maestus – Deliquesce

It’s so interesting how we can find beauty in metallic ugliness. Metal is a genre that prides itself on being dirty and underground. Some people believe the point is to be inaccessible. We have to keep out those normies, after all. We can’t have them coming in here and trying…

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Doomsday – 2018 In Review

A dark and foreboding greeting to you, heaviest of Heavy Bloggers! Yes, I’m afraid it’s that time again. The death of the year 2018 demands a review, and we would be quite foolish not to oblige. It’s been another very solid year for doom metal. Personal favorites and genre darlings alike have returned with huge releases, up and comers have made themselves known, and a certain giant of the scene made a comeback after a far too long hiatus. What’s not to like about DOOM 2018?

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Riven – Hail to the King

Ah, October. The month of changing colors and the impending onset of winter. The shadows get longer and there’s an air of mystery enveloping the world. Perfect time of year for some music that reminds you of the inevitable end of all things! Riven definitely does that with their take…

Doomsday // August 2018

Greetings, heaviest of heavy bloggers! Welcome to our very special ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Doomsday. Stifle your gasps and crack your smelling salts; what you’ve heard is true: it has been a full 12 months since Doomsday began highlighting the very best of underground slow and low. It’s been a…

Doomsday // May 2018

Greetings heaviest of Heavy Bloggers! Welcome to Doomsday, our monthly roundup of all things slow, low, and otherwise doom related. 2018 is truly picking up steam and I’m (not at all) embarrassed to admit that I’ve already begun thinking about my year-end sludge pile and what records might make it…

Hey! Listen to Nortt!

Some music doesn’t want you to be happy. It doesn’t care to lift spirits or engender triumphant emotional release in its listeners. Instead, it attempts to drown you. To suffocate and brutalize you. To lay bare torment through audio in order to suck you into the chaos and anguish in…