Grind My Tears: .Gif From God, Massa Nera, Nine of Swords

That's right it's time again for your weekly dose of all things post hardcore, screamo, chaotic hardcore, and sass in this weeks Grind My Tears, the superior column to its cousin Grind My Tears. Last week introduced a new track from Texas's own Lyed, once again celebrated the always wonderful Ostraca, and turned its gaze to the West Coast to put the spotlight on sass-revivers SeeYouSpaceCowboy. This week, however, will remain centralized on the (far superior) East Coast and some of the bands currently driving the scene there.

Hey! Listen To Loma Prieta!

I first heard of Loma Prieta many years ago, when directed towards their 2008 album Last City. I enjoyed it at the time, but it didn't sink its teeth in straight away, and coming back to it now I think I lack... Read More...