Grind My Gears – Posers Inc. and Grind Against Trump

This edition of Grind My Gears belongs to an upcoming compilation with a more than deliberate message. A glance at the artwork should give you a clue as to what that message is. Some publications and blogs keep their cards pretty close to their chest when it comes to the burning issue of the day. We don't. That's why I'm using my space here to help promote an upcoming compilation from newly founded label Posers Inc. Grind Against Trump won't solve any of these issues overnight but it's a start. This compilation of grind, violence and 'core stands for something when most are content with simply sitting and playing the voyeur. Organiser and label founder Benjamin James took some time out from his day to day life to answer a few questions about the compilation, who it will benefit and why it is a necessary step.
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Dead In The Dirt – The Blind Hole

Grindcore has its gems, but for the most part, it all comes off as sounding so similar that many non-fans can’t really get into a band because there just isn’t enough there. Yes, the songs are short, but things that separate a band like Rotten Sound or Pig Destroyer from any of the hundred grindcore bands in the world is that they bring something more, whether it be with beautiful lyricism or killer riffs, or even both. Dead In The Dirt are here to prove that they can hold their own among even the biggest of names in grindcore, and with their record The Blind Hole, they make a very strong case.