Have a Nice Life – Sea of Worry

As important as first impressions can be, they’re often given more weight than they deserve. Lead singles often receive these types of extreme initial reactions, something exacerbated by the seemingly increasing number of pre-album tracks bands release these days. Sure, these songs can be a perfect outline for what listeners…

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Hey! Listen to Mary Lattimore!

There’s really nothing like the concert experience. From road trips to overpriced venue beers to unforgettable performances, every show’s pros and cons extrapolate from the music to create new, unique meaning. One of my favorite aspects of live shows, and specifically tours, is the ability for larger acts to introduce…

Chelsea Wolfe – Hiss Spun

There’s an undeniable joy in watching something that has been preparing to pounce for so long finally take the leap. Where there was once stillness in the air, there is now a sense of urgency and the feeling of excitement. We as listeners should be thankful that we are not the ones on the receiving end of this violent lunge. The hunter in this case is singer-songwriter Chelsea Wolfe, while the prey is the art she presents to the world. With her newest work, Hiss Spun, we not only see Chelsea in the moment of her victorious pounce, but we also have the great fortune of consuming her kill.