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Eryn Non Dae. – Meliora

Calling something “art-metal” is difficult without making it sound pretentious. But then again, what else would you call Eryn Non Dae.? It seems almost impossible to determine what kind of metal Eryn Non Dae. is. There’s a lot of sludge, post, and doom, quite a bit of progressive, and some hardcore too. The band themselves term their music to be “avant-garde” or “experimental”. But in reality, isn’t that what all art is? So it should come as no surprise when these French-metallers came out with Hydra Lernaia in 2009, it was baffling. If anything, it was frightening and unlike anything you've heard before. But “interesting” would really be the best word to describe the album. Soon after it came out, END. had announced working on their follow-up album. Now almost 2-3 years later, have they been able to top their previously ambitious effort? Thankfully, the answer is, yes.