Hey! Listen to Empathy Test!

Those who would wish to view time as something clean and well defined are going to find their lives a lot harder the more we push into the 21st century. It seems our ability to reproduce and re-approach the past is only exceeded by our appetite to do so. In the process, we make not only the present weirder, filled with a pastiche of influences and movements, but also the past as we rediscover nuance in the place where once clear narrative ruled. The ongoing retro movement in music (now much bigger than "just" retrowave) is a good example. It seems just such a bringing of the past into the present but it is more than that; it also re-frames our understanding of the past and what it contained, creating something new that is neither here or there. Empathy Test, a synthpop/darkwave duo out of London that have been active since 2013, are a great example of this.