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Even the best tech-death has a tendency to become pretty overwhelming. As bands increasingly add more notes and elements to their repertoire, in an attempt to push the bounds of extremity and technicality, the central textures of their compositions often becomes obscured. The genre works best when bands strike the…

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Cerebral Effusion – Impulsive Psychopathic Acts

Cerebral Effusion Impulsive Psychopathic Acts 01. Humiliation Through Methodical Submission 02. Homophobic Indiscriminate Violation 03. Into Morbid Obesity 04. Epidemic Of The Era 05. Psychotic Compositor 06. Last Torture Preferment 07. Absolute Excrement [Comatose Music | 03/06/10] Sweet Jesus god damn my face has been ripped off, raped, strangled, set on fire,…