Boris – LOVE & EVOL

Writing about a band as foundational to their genre and as monolithic in the landscape of post-Y2K metal as the Japanese amplifier cult known as Boris is tough. Trying to wear the hats of both fan and critic for these sorts of bands is always difficult; the same album elicits…

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Earth – Full Upon Her Burning Lips

The quintessential difficult decision is almost always a “lesser of two evils” situation. In music, this typically manifests in an artist’s path forward; do they forge ahead along the charted path, or divert into untrodden territory? We can look at bands like Opeth, Kayo Dot and Ulver as examples of…

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Sunn O))) – Life Metal

In the beginning, there was darkness. Nothing. A total absence. Then, in a brilliant flash, something. The foundation of everything. Clouds of life’s most basic elements roiling slowly through once empty space. Eons upon eons pass, then stars. Planets. Water. Vegetation. Life creeping slowly, desperately, onto the beaches from the…

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Doomsday // August 2018

Greetings, heaviest of heavy bloggers! Welcome to our very special ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Doomsday. Stifle your gasps and crack your smelling salts; what you’ve heard is true: it has been a full 12 months since Doomsday began highlighting the very best of underground slow and low. It’s been a…

Doomsday // May 2018

Greetings heaviest of Heavy Bloggers! Welcome to Doomsday, our monthly roundup of all things slow, low, and otherwise doom related. 2018 is truly picking up steam and I’m (not at all) embarrassed to admit that I’ve already begun thinking about my year-end sludge pile and what records might make it…

Dylan Carlson – Conquistador

Though solo albums can excel or plummet in multiple different directions, they virtually always follow one of two paths: a slight or negligible deviation from the artist’s main project, or a complete departure from the sound they’ve become associated with. Dylan Carlson—the drone-doom pioneer and founder of Earth—has ventured down both paths…