EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE – A Constant Knowledge of Death Are Back With “Abysmal Valley Dolorous”

It’s been almost three years since we last spoke about A Constant Knowledge of Death, an incredibly mercurial and hard to pin down band working in the realms of post-rock, post metal, electronica, drone, and progressive metal. Back then, we premiered their work around their then-new album Vol. II Organic…

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Fortis Amor – Fortis Amor

When you look back at the history of metal, it’s funny and somewhat weird that so-called “bedroom studio projects” have gotten so popular. It’s weird only when given the retrospective of the present, of course, now that we’re past their rise and, somewhat, fall. What makes it weird is the seeming incongruity between metal’s origins, so founded in the concept of the band and everything that comes with it, and the aesthetic of the bedroom project. Of course, given what we know now about how the internet and better/cheaper production abilities would affect metal, it seems obvious. More people can make music and they can spread that music to larger audiences. However, even knowing what we know today, it would have been hard to predict exactly how this scene would look and the various mannerisms which it today exemplifies.