Hey! Listen to Avernal!

Back when I was just getting into extreme metal, there was one musician who stood shoulders above the rest for me: Max Cavalera. Ex-Sepultura singer, founder of Soulfly, The Cavalera Conspiracy, Nailbomb, and, more recently, Killer Be Killed. The man has been prolific to the point that he’s released something new every year for over the last decade. But, as much as I have loved Cavalera’s music, it’s gotten a little stale after a while. How many times can you do the same groove formula, no matter how many unorthodox instruments you play around with? How many times can you growl the same way before people get a little bored? If you want a change from Cavalera without completely wiping the man’s influence from your palate, I’d suggest Avernal, an Argentinian death metal act.