Post Rock Post – DayBringer

Two Post Rock Posts in one week! To what do we owe such glorious pleasures? Well, it at least in part due to our good friends over at Post-engineering. If you don't already follow their blog, that would be a big mistake on your part; they're a no nonsense outlet with a large, varied and always excellent ear. This time, they have brought us the instrumental melodies of DayBringer, a post rock/metal band from St.Louis, Missouri. They deal in a kind of post rock laced with a cutting edge that might remind you of the second part of Mono's latest release, distortion and aggression living side by side with dreamy, delayed guitars and an overall more introspective bedrock. Parallelism is their latest release and, in addition to amazing cover, it's a sweet and all too brief experiment in the basics of this hybrid style.