Nothing – Tired of Tomorrow

Back in the 1990's, along with the presidency of Bill Clinton, the original airing of "Twin Peaks", and the mistake that was jnco's, two bands rose to the forefront of the independent rock and punk scene. One was Nirvana, a band that went on to wildly exceed the popularity of other punk rock peers, but always managed to maintain an essence of "true" punk; balancing their gritty, sludgy attacks with undeniable hooks that constantly kept the listener humming along. The other band, however, were shoegaze pioneers My Bloody Valentine and, while never receiving the same level of public success as Nirvana, managed to receive some of the highest critical praise ever, pushing the newly emerging genre forward and showing just what a band could do with the right amount of guitar pedals and ingenuity. Both bands were influential in their own right, and helped to shape the era that was the 1990's, helping it to produce some of the best (and worst; Dave Matthew's Band) rock music ever.